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Transportation expense is rising at an alarming rate. It is in most cases one of the largest expense items for your Company. While you may have transportation, finance and purchasung members on your team. Most likely thier experince is derived from the acquisition side of the fence.

Lease Logistics experitise is derived from the supplier side of the fence. We understand how the price structures are formulated for you the consumer.

Our COST CONTAINMENT STRATEGIES are applied to Full Service Lease, Finance Lease, Contract Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, Fuel Procurement, Fleet Procurement, Asset Liquidation and Strategic Fleet Planning to get our Clients the best bottom line results.

We are not Consultants we are your Partner.
About Us
Lease Logistics was founded in 1994. Our staff has over 90 years experince in the transportation- leasing field.
Our Cost Containment Strategies provide bottom line results without cutting services.
Oue services are provided on a success fee basis. No results no fee.
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